Disrupting the Construction Industry

with Buildink's

world first cable robot concrete 3D printer

& its propietary signature concrete mixture.

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Mission and Vision

Buildink’s world first cutting edge concrete 3D printer capable of delivering modern architecture designs and single-story homes in minimum time and effort using our custom made, patented, proprietary signature concrete mixture. Our technology reduces the total construction time up to 75% versus the traditional building process. Our 3D printer also ensures cost savings and construction in a safe manner.

For more details, contact us at: info@buildink.com

Significance of our Technology

Traditional concrete is slow to set, unsustainable, and pricey.

Buildink engineered a concrete mixture and validated it with one of the top concrete labs in Lebanon where the official results proved that our mixture is:

  • 2x stronger than traditional mixtures
  • 20x faster setting time
  • of Excellent bonding properties
  • Highly flowable so it can pass easily through the system
  • Environmentally friendly

This innovation, in addition to our concrete 3D printer make rapid home construction possible for the first time ever!