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3D Concrete Printing

We are Leaders in Large Scale 3D Concrete Printing Technology Research and Development, PRINT YOUR FURNITURE AND HOUSE FOR HALF THE COST AND FRACTION OF THE TIME

The future of construction eco-friendly concrete material & 3D printing is here, you can have all the power with Buildink's BG3DP & BCR3DP 3D printers robots & Biconcrete. With ONE machine, our robots can provide unlimited capabilities, at any scale and at zero maintenance cost. From a custom home to complicated architectural shapes and furniture, this technology will help you reduce time, and cost while reducing carbon emission due to waste Vs. conventional construction and molding methods.

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There are 400 yearly recorded natural disasters around the world, where the property is destroyed. Buildink is solving a social and economic problem by disrupting the construction industry with our scalable, mobile, and modular 3D printers & environment-friendly concrete that can build houses at less time, cost and at high construction standards. We automate heavy labor to cover the increasing shortage of workers and at the same time reducing the enslavement of man workforce.

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