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What do we print:

Buildink began execution on small and medium scale construction sites, with paid customers. Our current functioning prototype is half the size of the full-scale product we are tracked to expand our printer to build our first home by end of 2019.
Buildink’s current printer will target a range of custom small furniture including: outdoor benches, animal shelters, and security cabins. This will be sold at a cost comparable to the market standards and at a rate exponentially faster.
The global real estate market is worth 200-trillion dollars, where the Middle East is the fastest growing construction market in the world. The global market size of 3D-printing is currently 8.5-Billion Dollars and is projected to reach 35-Billion Dollars in a 5-year span, giving Buildink the perfect sweet-spot. A clear example of this is Dubai who has bold plans to have 25% of new buildings 3D printed by 2030.

How it works:

At Buildink we designed and assembled a cable driven robot including an automated pulley system. It is easily scalable, delivers accurate results, and can be easily installed and dismantled on site. It works like any other 3D printers layering one object at a time and uses our proprietary concrete mixture.

Material used:

Buildink engineered a concrete mix by our civil engineers, who are specialized in material engineering. We tested Buildink’s concrete with one of the top concrete labs in Lebanon where the official results proved that our mix is:


2x stronger than traditional mixes

fast setting time

has 20x faster setting time

instant layer bonding

has highly bonding layers which is critical in 3D printing


it is also highly flowable

environmental friendly

environmentally friendly mix

These two innovations make rapid home construction possible for the first time ever

Time :

First, we have to make sure the foundation of the building is well done, the process takes average of 48 hours. After that it is estimated to print a single-story home within less than 20 hours with our current printer speed. While painting, plumbing and electricity work will take up to 3 working days.

Cost :

Depends on the design of the project, please feel free to contact us to get a quotation.

Logistics :

Our advanced printer is easily scalable, and can be moved with a small truck. Installing the entire printer requires an average of 2 working hours, where motors are installed around the working area, and is designed to automatically adapt based on the site’s dimensions, with no restrictions. No frames or heavy metal are required to be installed.